11 Fun Reasons to Buy New

11 Fun Reasons to Buy New

Buying a house is always fun. Buying a new construction house is the most fun EVER. Don’t believe me? Check out this reasoning…

1.    You get to wander through model homes and picture yourself really living in them.

2.    You get to analyze blueprints to see which floorplan works best for your needs.

3.    Hello, color. OK. The builder usually gives you a boring off-white paint, but think of it as a blank canvas for your design creativity.

4.    For the rest of your life, you get to say, “When we built our house ….” Say it. Right now. Out loud. It sounds sweet, doesn’t it.

5.    You can make your snotty friends jealous. Oh, I am so sorry that I cannot attend your fill-in-the-blank. I need to go over some changes in the blueprints with my builder. We’re building a house, you know.

6.    You can tweak everything to be perfect for you and only you.

7.    You can walk around barefoot, knowing that no one else’s gross barefeet have been in your carpet.

8.    You can request wood floors in all the rooms. Every. Last. One.

9.    You have an really good excuse to buy closet organizers.

10. You get to pick out a vacant lot. It’s fun to squint your eyes and try to imagine your house in this abstract space of mud and trees.

11.  You get to visit every weekend and see the changes that the crew made during the week. In fact, once you move in, you just may miss this activity.