3 Plumbing Options For Your New Home You Won't Find on Any List

3 Plumbing Options For Your New Home You Won't Find on Any List

Building a new house? The list of options you have to choose from can be overwhelming. Sure, you picked the floor plan that works for your family’s needs and chose the façade that met your tastes, but then came that list. The list where every minute detail in the construction process needs your decision and your checkbook.

There are, however, a few plumbing decisions that need to made very early on and they might not be on that a la carte list. Ask. It’s ok. There are a number of things that your builder, big or small, is more than willing to accommodate.

1.    Laundry Tub: Obviously, you will have the option of adding a laundry tub in your actual laundry room, which is always a good choice. You can also request to have one in your garage. The cost is minimal and, if you live in a region of the country where this is do-able, be sure to ask. I don’t know about your family, but I prefer mine to leave their messes in the garage and not track the dirt, mud, paint and goo into my clean house.

2.    Pre-Plumb Bath: Anywhere you can pre-plumb an extra bath, do it. The cost is minimal, $500 or so, but the rewards and savings later are great. Even if you never get around to actually installing an extra bath on your basement or attic, the fact that all the plumbing is installed and ready to go is a huge plus. It could even make you money when you go to sell. 

3.    Step-On Sink: You’ve seen these in design magazines and cooking shows. Instead of spreading germs and breadcrumbs all over the faucet, you just step on a lever discretely located on the floor to turn on the water. Awesome, right?! If you discuss this with your builder early enough, he should be able to accommodate this simple plumbing request for you.