4 Unexpected Move-in Costs For Your New Home

4 Unexpected Move-in Costs For Your New Home

When you move into a new home that you’ve built, you know you need money for the closing costs and down payments. You’ve probably already set up things with your insurance guy. You may have even had to pay for a few extras like the kitchen cabinet upgrade or the granite counters yourself, out-of-pocket. There are a few things that you didn’t count on, though.

1.    New appliances. Maybe you are new home buyers and don’t have appliances. Maybe you want a pretty new front load washer in candy apple red for your new laundry room. Whatever the case, appliances can be expensive.

2.    Window Coverings. Listen, up guys. I am not talking about those frilly curtains that you have been avoiding. I am talking about basic privacy. Plan on at least $50-100 a window, unless you want to tack up some sheets.

3.    A Front Yard. This one depends on where you live, but more than likely the builder will not include front landscaping unless you negotiated well in the beginning. A bare necessity package from a local landscaper is a couple thousand.

4.    Light Fixtures. Sure, that brass and glass monstrosity, I mean chandelier, above your dining table is included in the sale price, but you may be surprised to realize that your house has few others. In fact, many builders do not include overhead lights in the bedrooms. You can add the electrical fitting in the ceiling for lights during the construction process, but you will need to buy and install the actual fixtures once you move in. Another added, unexpected expense.