Getting rid of summer spiders

Getting rid of summer spiders

Aside from the heat, these creatures are the bane of my existence.

I love the garden spiders that get rid of pests, but when your home is prone to brown recluses—as most homes in my area are, especially when they’re as old and in need of repair as mine—you know how it feels to want to get rid of spiders ASAP. I’ve been killing them daily and it’s time to do something. It seems that we push off our spider care every year until we absolutely have to do it, but here’s what we do to minimize the poisonous pests.

Glue Traps. These are the best devices you’ve got against spiders aside from any professional service’s grade spider powder. We like the Terro brand because it’s cheap and effective. We put them everywhere and anywhere that’s dark—beneath furniture, in our closets, behind the toilet and towel rack in the bathroom, etc. You have to be careful with this strategy if you have pets or young children, though; last year one of our cats got caught in two glue traps in one day! You also want to make sure the traps are meant for spiders, as they may not work if intended for other pests.

Be sure to change them every three months—for us, that’s once in May, once in August—and you can usually flip them over if they fill up. If they’re full, you’ll have to switch them too. Isn’t it fun to check them? Yeah, I’m not serious; that’s my husband’s job.

Spider Spray. The thing is, most spider sprays do not effect brown recluses. We do, however, try to use a spray at least once a season and it has seemed to help. This year we are trying Hot Shot spider killer, which I’ve read some good reviews on. That said, I’ve also seen some bad reviews, so I’m hoping for the best.

Pest Control Service. We stopped using our pest control service over a year ago because they were unprofessional, never came when they said they would (they were always either an hour early or an hour late, after I moved every plan or meeting for them), they left messes in my house, and were generally more unhelpful than they were supposed to be. In the end, they weren’t even getting rid of bugs—but for years they did help with the spider problem. If you have bad spiders, I would recommend them; they do have powders they can put down for you. Just don’t let them make a mess of the powders all over your carpet…

Sealants. Sealing up cracks throughout your home is always good to do, for both energy conservation as well as pest control. In an old house like mine with a crumbling foundation, it’s really hard to do—but a good trick to do is to light a stick of incense and see which way it blows. That will help you find drafty spots and cracks to fill in your home.