How To Make Smart Flooring Decisions

How To Make Smart Flooring Decisions

The Do's And Don'ts of New Flooring

At first glance, flooring seems like such a simple decision. Wood or carpet, right?! Not so fast, amigo. You can easily make a costly or annoying mistake if you do not know the do’s and don’ts of flooring for your new home.

1.    The Closets: When you order (and pay extra for) wood or tile in the foyer or any other room in your new house, quite often it stops at the closet door. That’s right. Upon opening the closet, your gorgeous Brazilian cherry stops dead in its tracks and, lo and behold, there is a piece of plain Jane beige carpet. Ask. Request. Insist that they run the hardwood right on into the closet; it just looks more finished.  

2.    The Pets: If you have dogs, particularly big dogs, think twice about wood flooring. Their nails can really chew up even the toughest laminate. Don’t be fooled by the manufacturers; I have a lab and a boxer and the wood floors in my last house were a mess in less than three years.

3.    The Region: If you are from a warmer climate like Arizona or Florida, do not make the mistake of installing tile on your entire 1st floor when you relocate to the Midwest. It will not sell later. If you are not sure of the local style preferences, ask your builder what is the most popular choice.

4.    The Shag: Even if you love the look of the nouveau California shag that has been making the rounds, think long and hard about how you will use that room. This particular carpet has a tendency to mat rather quickly, which makes a room look old, fast.