The Lighting Revolution | Just Say No

The Lighting Revolution | Just Say No


Light fixtures in new homes. *shudder*

They are just awful. Why builders or their design team insist on purchasing these glass and brass monstrosities from the 1980’s is beyond me. I mean, they are equally ugly and ubiquitous. Can’t they see that? I am on a personal mission to make as many people see the light (pun intended) as I can. Sure, you may not get a Chihuly, but you can live a little.

There is no reason why your lighting has to be so cookie cutter, so boring in your new home. I have seen homes, by the same builder in the 100k range as well as the 850k range that BOTH had the exact same chandeliers over the dining tables. Disgusting!

Stand up for yourself. Tell your builder that you do not want their light fixtures. Ask for a lighting credit. It probably won’t be much as they must get some HUGE discount to offer the same hideous lights everywhere. Then, inquire if you can provide your own. Some builders will let you, if you guarantee that they be on site the day that the electrician is scheduled to be there. Builders do not like unnecessary delays to their schedule. You can also try to get a business card or phone number from the electrician that has been sub-contracted to work on your home and offer to pay them to install your fixtures on the weekend.  

Light fixtures are the jewelry of a home. Wearing the same strand of plain beads, day after day, expresses little to no personality, style or personal flair. You wouldn’t be caught dead in the same dress as everyone else at the office, so why would you want the same exact chandelier as everyone in your neighborhood?