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What You Can Learn From Heated Toilet Seats

Why is it that so many people are leery of special requests when building a new home? I hear some people not want to discuss a giant hole in the wall while others show up on site daily and involve themselves with every minute detail.

While bothering the crew every day may be a bit much, you are allowed to stop by. I always encourage people to visit the site each weekend. Generally, there are few (if any) people actually working and you will not be underfoot. Plus, when you only stop by once a week, the changes feel more dramatic.

As far as making special requests of your build team, go for it. It doesn’t hurt to ask; the worst that will happen is they say no, right?! So, ask away! In fact, we once had a client that refused to attend the closing on her new construction home until they replaced all the toilets seats with heated ones, like she once had at a hotel in Japan. Yes. You read that right. No. It is not a typo. Heated. Yes, the toilet seats! Like I said, it never hurts to ask. Oh, they did it. The builders were a well-established upscale chain and were quite accustomed to such demands. They never even batted an eyelash. I was thinking the Buyer deserved a seat in the time out chair more than she needed heated toilet seats, but hey, that’s just me. To each their own.

So, keep this story in mind whenever you schedule a meeting with your builder. If she can get those heated toilet seats, you can get your much more reasonable fill-in-the-blank.