September 2012

Can’t wait until Halloween?

Here are some ways you can celebrate right now.

“It’s almost Halloween, mom!” my almost-seven-year-old just told me, again, for the tenth time or so today. She cannot wait for our favorite holiday, and can you blame her? Not only is it the most fun of the year—it’s also one of the earliest promoted holidays. Right now, every store has Halloween displays going up a month early; even the Halloween Spirit stores are starting to open up where we live. We bought our daughter a light-up ink pen at one two weeks ago!

Of course, she was terrified of the inside of the building itself, which was no surprise. I was too scared of anything beyond spiders when I was her age as well—though now all I wanted to do was walk around the whole store and try out every display. (What the heck is with all the zombie babies this year, by the way? Does anybody get that?)

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to start having fun, though! Here are some fun things you can do right now.